Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation’s Canada 150 fund,  and support from the Council on Aging in Ottawa, The Ottawa Public Library has been able to hold multiple editions of AGING BY THE BOOK during 2017.  During the first half of the year, we held sessions at two branches of OPL and one at a retirement residence that is served by OPL Homebound Services.  Fall plans include a session at a third branch, and one at a second retirement residence.

Plans are underway for a November ABTB facilitator workshop, to increase the number of people who can lead groups in the months ahead.  New facilitators come from the ranks of participants in previous reading circles.  The workshop will be based in part on last year’s experiences at the Canadian Association on Gerontology conference in Montreal;  in October 2016 Wendy Robbins and Trudy Medcalf presented Elder Circles and Reading Circles as ways to offer collaborative and shared exploration of the aging process.  Attendees participated in a reading circle, using a poem as the text to spark the discussion, and then discussed their experience, and how they might use this tool  with older adults in their own agencies and programs.


Aging and engaging through the power of stories.