Sample Weekly Agenda

OPENING  (10 minutes)

  • Welcome to the group
  • Reminder: Program purpose, details (length)  and agreements (for examples, see our Logistics page)
  • Agreements include: Confidentiality; respect: “share the air”
  • Focusing exercise (for example, 5 deep breaths with eyes closed)

DISCUSSION  (65 minutes)

Opening question (2 options)

  • leave up to the group:  “Anyone have a particularly strong reaction to any of these texts?”
  • direct to a specific text or theme:  “I was struck by how many of these texts seemed to relate to dependence and independence. Did anyone else find that?”

Rest of discussion

WRAP UP (15 minutes)

  • Closing question:  Tell us one thing you will take away with you? (model brevity and specificity:  “I will be thinking about Barbara’s story of how she reconnected with …” “the quotation about trust in the first poem really spoke to me…”)

Final words:

  • Reminder to read next week’s texts with engagement, make notes, highlight, think about what connects to your own life.



Aging and engaging through the power of stories.